The tree that rode a bicycle

Last week, the world wide web was agog with the photo of a female bicycle that got stuck, or should we say, was ridden by a mammoth tree! It’s bizarre, yet, very fascinating sight to behold. There are several stories behind it. Some say a little boy had received the female bicycle as gift but was mocked by his playmates for riding a female bicycle. He then decided to leave it in the woods under the pretext that it was stolen. This was in the early 1900’s.

Another version says, a young boy chained the bicycle to a little tree and left for war in 1914 but never made it back home. So, the tree grew and became old enough to ride the bicycle itself. What an inheritance, you would say.

And now, this…


It would appear the bike family has gone “gaga”, right? Somebody call 911, please!