Armed Security — Is it a wise option for you?

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Three people dead after shooting in Iowa church parking lot (Reuters)

Violence at worship centers – including numerous shootings – has religious organizations across the country struggling with the question of the need for armed security. A violent act at a place of worship is almost always going to be one of the worst tactical situations you can create. It’s a close, crowded area where 99.9 percent of the people are innocent bystanders.


In late 2007, a person entered a church in Colorado Springs, Colo., and opened fire. The armed security team at the church reacted and shot the gunman. There is no doubt the actions taken by the armed security person at the church saved lives, but it just didn’t happen because the security person was armed. The Security team was aware of the potential threat because of an incident earlier in the week, and there was proper training, preparation, experienced personnel, communication and a plan in place for the threat. All of this came together. It just didn’t happen because someone at the church had a gun.

Compare the above case study with the mass shooting incidents at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh USA in October 2018 and another one at a Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15th March 2019 respectively and you will realize the huge difference that preparedness and effective response planning can make for your facilities. Evidently, the only viable reason to consider arming a security staff at your place of worship is to be ready and committed to the use of deadly force in a situation when it’s called for. 

Question: Is your organization willing to make that call?

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African soldiers undergoing training with Soviet-era/Russian machineguns

For several years now, I have been warning African military forces about what I consider to be future defense and security problems, the failure to adapt doctrines and make doctrinal adjustments, the importance of informational dominance, and the folly of neglecting technology as a force multiplier.

Unfortunately, these warnings were never taken very seriously. The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces in February 2022 will present Africa with numerous challenges and problems. These will not only effect daily necessities but will also have an enormous future knock-on effect African armed forces will have to contend with.

Given the huge amounts of ammunition and equipment the Russians committed to the Ukrainian front, along with the fierce resistance offered by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, equipment losses have been staggering. These losses will need to be replaced by both countries when the war is finally over.

Whereas NATO-supplied equipment has been able to exploit the vulnerabilities of Russian equipment, especially insofar as anti-armour weapon systems are concerned, it is noticeable that the Russian forces apparently have no effective counter. The war has also highlighted many innovations and how an opposing force can be attacked. The deployment of weaponized commercial drones is one example.

Equally, gaining informational dominance is critical if one needs to shape perceptions, influence public opinion, and gain the moral high ground. These are important lessons to take note of. However, what ought to be of concern to African armed forces is the fact that both countries have already delved into their first-line reserve and second-line equipment. In addition, the military industries of both countries have suffered setbacks ranging from the destruction of factories to the acquiring of microchips and other high-tech elements, materials, and parts.
To rebuild their respective military industries, replace equipment losses, replenish ammunition stocks, as well as reequip their atrophied armed forces is going to take years, and at great cost.

The armed forces of many African states are equipped with Soviet-era or more recent Russian and Ukrainian equipment. Not only has the invasion highlighted the vulnerabilities of especially the older Russian equipment, it has also highlighted the folly of what appears to be Russian doctrinal stagnation. It will become increasingly problematic for African armies to acquire ammunition and spares for this equipment, or to maintain it in good combat order. But the armed challengers and AGFs will experience the same problems.

Unless African armed forces start looking at developing their own defense industries to counter current and predicted threats, they will become willing victims of the fallout of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Written by:

Eeben Barlow
Political/Military Advisor/Strategist
Author: Executive Outcomes, Composite Warfare, & War for Africa

Forex Trading is the new “Silicon Valley”


The global foreign exchange market is estimated to be worth over $5.2 trillion per day. That’s more than the total value of the annual budgets of most developing countries in Africa, for example. The oil majors, financial institutions  (including Central and Commercial Banks) and other big multinational players participate in this ever-growing industry to make billions of dollars for themselves.

Today, this global industry is now available for individuals such single parents, college students, undergraduates, farmers and professionals who are willing to learn the skills set required to leverage the opportunity, using their smart phones and the internet. From the comfort of their homes, offices or college dorms, anyone can now participate in the Forex markets and make huge profits. All it takes is the willingness and discipline to learn the required skills set.

International Markets Live, also known as, iMarketsLive, offers the education platform and tools for leveraging this burgeoning industry and create wealth. With over 80-plus 7-figure trainers and educators, and hundreds of training videos available, registered customers of iMarketsLive can literally create their own independent economy just by learning to trade Forex and make profit.

According to Mr. Obinna Anyagwa, an African top earner with iMarketsLive, “Not only do you receive world-class training and education in Forex and Crypto-currency trading, you will also have the advantage of being mentored one-on-one by 7-figure traders and earners in the iMarketsLive universe. What’s more? We will help you earn while you are learning!”

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Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero: Developing a National Narrative of Remembrance

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via Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero: Developing a National Narrative of Remembrance

Enjoy this music Video – JEHOVAH SWAGGER!

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When you experience the goodness of God in ways you cannot explain in plain human language, you can only shout for joy and just call Him JEHOVAH…the self-existent God!

This video is for everyone who has seen or desires to see the Hand of God in their lives mightily. ENJOY and leave comments please.

Pittsburgh Shooting: Terrorism Against the Church

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Image result for pittsburgh synagogue shooting


Acts of terrorism targeted against God’s people dates back to Bible days, and has continued all through to modern-day church history. For example, in the days of Nehemiah the Prophet, while rebuilding the broken-down walls of Jerusalem, Sanballat and his friends made attempts to attack the Children of Israel in order to frustrate the work. (See Nehemiah Chapter 4)

However, Nehemiah’s response provides a basic guideline for today’s church in its response to unprovoked acts of aggression, violence and terrorism targeted at her. Prophet Nehemiah created a “security committee”, armed with swords, shields, and bows with the responsibility to protect lives and property. So, while some worked on rebuilding the broken down walls, others kept vigil and watched over everyone else. This pro-active and pre-emptive action ensured that the work of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem not only continued unhindered, but the entire community was protected.

A Worrisome Trend

A critical look at global and national statistics on terrorism against places of worship indicates that this worrisome trend of attacks against the Church and other public spaces like schools and shopping malls, is likely to continue unabated for the following simple reasons:

1. Churches, Synagogues, Schools and shopping malls are soft targets which attracts high patronage at clearly pre-determined times and days. Hence, the possibility of recording higher casualties is a major motivation for attackers.

2. The Open Door practice of Churches and other places of worship portrays them as a welcoming place for all – the good, the bad and the ugly – that is, “mixed multitude”. While the open door policy is not a bad idea in itself, to have free, unrestricted access to the worship halls and other services areas during worship hours definitely is.

3. Churches or places of worship are generally considered as private-public places, meaning that the facilities are generally open to the public during certain periods even though they are privately owned. However, the Right of Admission into the property is the exclusive preserve of the property owners and access control processes and procedures should be put in place to enforce it.

As Robert Cirtin, Author of “Church Safety and Security: A Practical Guide” puts it, “Our culture is changing, and religious leaders can no longer assume that ‘It won’t happen in my church.’ Like the rest of society, [religious leaders] need to ensure the safety and security of their facility, staff and worshipers.” Jeff Hawkins, who is Executive Director, Christian Security Network also pointed out that “As a society, we protect businesses, schools, banks and other institutions. Now, more than ever, that same level of protection needs to be extended to churches and faith-based organizations.”

It is clear that even in the best of circumstances, governments alone cannot handle the security of lives and property of its citizens. Private individuals and religious organizations such as churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. must take up the responsibility to provide for their own security, in line with applicable laws.

Life’s issues are not peculiar to you alone

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What you’re going through is not an exclusive preserve for you. Listen carefully, EVERYBODY has one or two things they are dealing with. When I say everybody, I mean everybody, and that includes me.

Image result for you are not aloneFrom secret pains to open shame, personal struggles and private tears. Heartbreaks, disappointments, let downs, regrets, stuff that make people cry and literally gnash their teeth… Everybody has a dose or more of life’s issues.
Everybody has what is either driving them to God or away from Him, to booze, drugs or sex.
When you see people and you’re in awe of their personalities or admire how far they have come and made it in life, you may want to sit with them and allow them open up on what they have had to contend with or are still contending with. Behind the professionally filtered and made-up faces on social media are stories that those filters can never erase.

You don’t have money? There’s a man crying in my neighborhood because he can’t get his wife pregnant. He can’t even have an erection! Would you want to trade places? You don’t have a phone, but there’s a deaf person somewhere whose ears were knocked off after a mild bout of fever as a little child. Would you rather trade places?

Somebody was nasty to you? Let me take you to another person who lost a spouse, a child to the cold hands of death. Would you rather trade places? You just lost a job but there’s someone who used to be gainfully employed but is no longer certain of the next few hours because he or she is battling a debilitating sickness that is sniffing life out of him every second.

Recently, I met a badly burnt lady, a lone survivor of a terrible automobile crash. The way she’s so grateful to be alive, the way she expresses joy because “God spared my life” is so infectious. You look at her disfigured face and body and they don’t match what she expresses.

Friends, this week, shift your focus a bit. Take it away from that issue. Look at those around you, at least you can see some very obvious cases of people that life has dealt a terrible blow.

Be thankful that you can be thankful. Be thankful that you can breath unaided. You’re not fed through a tube. There is hope, friends. There is hope. Be encouraged. It won’t always be like this. Like I always say, life’s problems are not wired to last forever. Only God lasts forever and if we have Him in our corner, we’re good. It’s a great week.


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